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Released: 05 Oct 2016
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This project got inspiration from the concept of the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas “there is” (“il y a” in french), and especially from a text in the book “Ethic and infinity”:

“Philipe Nemo: But the first book in which you express your own thought is a short work entitled “Existence and Existents”.[…] What is its subject?

Emmanuel Levinas: It deals with what I call the “there is” [il y a]. I did not know Apollinaire had written a work entitled “There is”. But for him, the expression signifies the joy of what exists, the abundance, a little like Heideggerian “es gibt”. For me, to contrary, “there is” is the phenomenon of impersonal being: “it”. My reflection on this subject starts with childhood memories. The child sleeps alone, but the adults continue life; the child feels the silence of his bedroom as “rumbling”.

Ph.N.: A rumbling silence?

E.L.: It I something resembling what one hears when one puts an empty shell close to the ear, as if emptiness were full, as if the silence were a noise. It is something one can also feel when one thinks that even if there were nothing, the fact that “there is” is undeniable.”


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