The Dark Side Of Wonderland by Mescalibur

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP109
Released: 13 Jul 2020
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    Breaking Free
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    The Transparent Rabbit Mystery
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    The Freak Machine
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The necrophile hummingbird & Hamfuggi Records present a marvellous journey on the Dark Side Of Wonderland by Mescalibur.
Alice trip has been revisited many times, from the Jan Švankmajer's Alice to the Jeff Noon's Vurt... it's always very psychedelic... but this time it's the dark side... then perhaps the rabbit hole is actually more looking like Norman Spinrad LSD description in The Mind Game... you know like watching inside a bubble with the whole surface made in mirror. Some call also this kind of bubble a Eye Ball. I don't know where you are know but take care, next to listen this, perhaps you will think that you are still in the same dimension... but I really don't know... Sometime things are not what they seems. I wouldn't spoil the end of your travel.

Mescalibur is here perhaps... the only one who knows that kind of answers.

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