Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP121
Released: 07 Jan 2021
  • 1
    Carpette Volante
  • 2
    Premier Souvenir
  • 3
    Etat Comateux
  • 4
  • 5
    Eaux Troubles
  • 6
    Dernier Souvenir
  • 7
    Extra Track : Ruisselante [Version with Lyrics]
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The necrophile hummingbird netlabel presents a dive into the memory. From the aftermaths of the past to the traumas origins.

Luigi Russolo works were an inspiration source, that's why instead of the raw maximal Futurism, Retrograde sounds more like a kind of minimal nostalgia with a singular psychoactive research.
More about him in french

Lieutenant Caramel told me he has travel to Syria in 1998 before the war and how what happens with the war hurt him. I told him I have travel to Jugoslavia in 1990 and that I could understand that feeling. This is the start point of this album.

Dedicated the Syrian people and all the people devastated by the ravages of war.

Retrograde is based on the sounds recorded by Lieutenant Caramel during his 1998 travel in Syria including the mesmerizing sound of the famous Norias of Hama.

Etat Comateux is also on the tribute to Elvifrance by Earsheltering
Eaux Troubles is also on The World is Over! A-Side

The 7th track is a bonus track a version of Ruisselante with French Lyrics.

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