Blanket Swimming by INTR

Netlabel: post global recordingspost035
Released: 20 May 2019
Genres: Ambient Drone
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In their latest installment, INTR, sound artist Blanket Swimming enters uncharted territory, utilizing the concrete world around (and within) to create something augmented. Field recordings have always played a major role in the work of Blanket Swimming, but never to this degree of magnitude. 30+ field recordings were utilized to build these sonic landscapes, recorded by the artist around the country of Iceland as well as his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. INTR takes the listener on a journey through four dense, thoroughly composed pieces of music that blur the lines between musique concrète and ambient music. The audio takes the listener through a whirlpool of emotion, tugging back and forth between thick, dark, moody drones and extended passages of shimmering ambient swells, airy guitars and synthesizers. The theme of contrast is explored, with detailed looks on how the world of machine and the natural world can both produce vibrations that flow together in harmony. One can imagine descending into a dark cavern only to find a clear pool and diving head-first into the refreshing waters.

The album was recorded and produced between September 2018 - March 2019 and is best experienced on at a high volume on stereo loudspeakers or headphones.

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