Aria by Ilir Lluka

Netlabel: Nostress NetlabelNN_EP028_12_15
Released: 11 Dec 2015
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    _Part 1. Longitudinal Touch
  • 2
    _Part 2. Nine Thousand Solitudes
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Newest digital EP by Albanian artist Ilir Lluka after a supreme CD, a track for the Anniversary compilation 2015 and a live performance in Palermo released for the bootleg live series called "NN Performing". "Aria" is a new surreal metaphysical journey with usual Ilir Lluka psychedelic style constitued by granular synthesis techniques drones. It's also interesting to appreciate the particular album artwork made with foto of the artist Eni Derhemi. A musical journey of about twenty minutes explained with few intense words by the artist:
"A gentle stream of unconsciousness flows through footsteps of blurry memories and perception lines, as the fading afternoon light projects its distant mind, so close and yet so far, into the world you bear in sight" (Ilir Lluka)

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