Right, Plus, Oh The My Batey Oh by George Cartwright

Netlabel: Plus TimbrePT122
Released: 27 Aug 2021

Jupiter Juniper Berry
(tracks #1-3)
Bruce Golden - knee electronics, percussion, voice and Juniper Slippers
etg (evan gallagher) - much keyboards, percussion, cornet and Jupiter Slippers
George Cartwright - alto saxophone and guitar and Juniper Slippers
Anne Elias - art and Jupiter Slippers
Risa Inoue - conviviality and Juniper Slippers

(tracks #4-10)
Bruce Golden - percussion, ringing items
etg (evan gallagher) - Casio keyboards
Brian King - vibes
Jeb Stuart - contrabass
George Cartwright - sax, voice, editing, effects, mastering, production

The Puppet
Anne Elias - voice
George Cartwright - production, acoustic guitar, processing,
editing and art

The Sledge Hammer and The Feather.
Davey Williams- text and spoken word
George Cartwright sounds and editing

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