Ascending Souls - The Remixes by Frau Holle

Netlabel: Toucan Musictou336
Released: 12 Sep 2017
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    Ascending Souls (Psychadelik Pedestrian remix)
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    Chasing Rainbows (Marc Burt & Notch remix)
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Following up our Frau Holle LP earlier this summer, this EP presents two remixes of tracks from the album. Chasing Rainbows receives an update from Marc Burt and Notch, taking the original melody and adding house rhythms, uplifting pads and a catchy hook to finish. Psychadelik Pedestrian takes control for Ascending Souls, building up slowly with a gradually opening filtered hook, then bursting into life with haunting piano melodies and upfront electronic beats added to the uplifting chords of the original.

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