Very New Forms (2015) by Formirovanie snov

Netlabel: Label CuntrollCUNTROLL083
Released: 06 Feb 2015
Genres: Abstract IDM
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About 'Very New Forms (2015)'
Artist: Formirovanie snov
Album: Very New Forms
Country: Russia
Style: IDM, Glitch Hop, Abstract Hip-Hop, Ambient
Format: mp3, 320 kbps
Catalog#: 083
Time: 67:02
Size: 166 mb

01 - Avenue
02 - Acid April (Feat. The Crope)
03 - Redrum Eht Si Ohw Wonk I (Feat. sloooh.)
04 - Goluboy oval (Sloe Texture Remix)
06 - Mellow
07 - skitty
08 - ooee r drugs
09 - ill Fi3ld (Feat. sloooh.)
10 - Kathryn city
11 - Mellow (Sloe Texture Remix)
12 - Post Modern (Feat. The Crope)
13 - Pyramid Head

"They say everything is new - well forgotten old. In the digital age of postmodernism and the availability of" raw "it's hard to disagree.This is - something dark, very deep and a little personal. Envelops you from all sides. Opens the door to parallel, surreal worlds. Something that you know, takes a very new form. Without wasting words. "

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