1st August by Dominic Razlaff

Netlabel: MYRDAL SoundLABMYSL-12
Released: 01 Aug 2018

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One day you felt pretty sick so must go to a clinic to be treaten; you came back home at morning, put yourself on bed and suddenly realize that morning feels exactly like those mornings, six years ago, when you arrived home after a fourteen hour travel from Torreón to Mexico City, each time you visited the girl you love the most. Cuddling with Bruno, the lagunero doxie, in your couch, formerly known as ‘El Campeón’. But that feeling appears quite often ‘cause you remember every single day you spent together in different cities and locations; each time a particular scent passes across your nose carrying a gordia remembrance, laundry machine and clean clothes or even how does her neck and hair smelled. You also remember dates, places visited, dishes shared, lijitas scratched and kisses given. Why should you not remember? It is still the best time of your life. Those things drive you crazy, so bad and so good. You know you love her, she knows too.

Once again, an album appeared, a special one. How these kind of albums always find me? My heartbeat runs loudly, just like the sound of two cars crashing at 200 miles per hour.
It’s time to bring back to life this label. Time to let you know we’re not dead at all, quite absent, yeah, but not letting our spark go out. Always wondering for something to happen. Casualties happen everyday, no matter if you’re prepared or not.

Love you so much, E.Z. I miss you.
Happy birthday.

“If I make music which works better for quiet listening I prefer to make pieces quiet as well, like ‘1st august’. I also use less comprrssion in pieces like these. Volume and dynamics are really important thing in music for me.”
— Dominic Razlaff

Dominic Razlaff (aka DR), born 1982, is an ambient musician and sound designer from Braunschwig, Germany, making music since 2009.



Dominic Razlaff

Cover photo: Yaira Ontiveros
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