Cyborgs of California by Creole Aeon

Netlabel: Memories MeltMM002
Released: 11 Oct 2016

In the future (year 2000), a computer bug has caused planet earth to descend into chaos. A group of cyborgs have risen from the digital wasteland, taken power and enslaved humanity. 'Creole, Aeon', a synthwave band from the future is sending secret warning messages back in time to the year 1982 through cassingle music releases, BETA Video Cassettes and commodore video games.

A retro text adventure game has been released alongside this EP of warped VHS, synthwave.
Download the EP for free from here (type $0 in box): https://memoriesmelt.bandcamp.com/album/cyborgs-of-california

Play 'Creole Aeon', the game for free at:

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