RUA by cozilos VIVOS

Released: 30 Mar 2021

art by Diego Maia @miragemmaia
produced and recorded by Vitor C.
mixed by Vitor C. and Diego Maia
mastered by Diego Maia

all instruments by Vitor C.
all voices by Vitor C.
audios / samples recorded by Vitor C. *

the text of "Um desejo incontido" contains the lyrics of "Niños Heroes", by Negro Leo. kindly provided by the artist.

all songs by Vitor C., except "A faca instrumental", by Vitor C. and Bruno Rafael.

the text of "Eletricidade" is a poem, with the same name, by Raisa Christina

* telephone call audio in "A instrumental knife", voice: Bruno Rafael
* call audio for self-service banking.

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