Billions Of Cicadas by BlipVert

Netlabel: D-TRASH RecordsDTRASH210
Released: 10 May 2019
  • 1
    Zammo-Plan Phone (With Evens)
  • 2
    Blast Dimension 642
  • 3
    Frog Pyramid
  • 4
    Laser Bones And Dirty Combs
  • 5
    The Dave Sustrick Meltdown
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Billions of Cicadas, the new release by BlipVert (aka Will Northlich-Redmond), presents a complex and dynamic 73 minute sonic mountain of fractured drum breaks, 8-bit synth blasts, alien R&B choirs, and warm ambient soundscapes. The record consists of two distinct cycles of music, primarily influenced by the unique and compelling idiosyncrasies of the cicada. "Stridulation" attempts to symbolize the resonant power and variability of cicada singing, while "Courtship" illustrates the more delicate essences of mating rituals - i.e. "tenderness at a higher resolution." Through the cicada's inspiration, two profoundly contrasting artistic identities of BlipVert are displayed, fury and calm, hence allowing the listener to explore this record from differing perspectives.

Everything composed, performed, produced by Will Northlich-Redmond.

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