Dark Alchemy by Blink Twice

Netlabel: Cian OrbeCIOR-393
Released: 09 May 2020
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Blink Twice is the past and lingering phantom of what is now Mood Exhibit (current project)
links: https://soundcloud.com/blink-twice-archival

As Mood Exhibit:

EP Description of the artist:
These tracks were all created solely using the now obsolete Alchemy Mobile app (iOS) by Camel Audio.
When I got a hold of an iPad a few years back this was the first app I used, and I was amazed by the sounds it offered and the real time morphing (which is used extensively on these tracks). It had a 4 track sequencer included and that did not limit me from creating what i wanted to create at the time. Limitations work for me, as it requires every sound the co-exist perfectly with the other sounds. No room for filler.
After I spent probably a few hundred dollars on most all of the sound libraries, Apple decided to buy Camel Audio and make this app obsolete by never updating it.
They have since included a weak ass neutered version in Garageband which is an insult to all the people like me that invested in the Alchemy Mobile app.

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