Moving The Ocean by BLASTCULTURE

Netlabel: Toucan Musictou326
Released: 23 Aug 2016
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    Moving The Ocean
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    Moving The Ocean (Aerologic remix)
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    Set Yourself On Fire
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This EP from Blastculture features two original house music tracks. Set Yourself On Fire is an energetic minimal house track with frenetic hi-hats, and a deep spoken vocal - a pure dancefloor adernalin workout in classic Blastculture style. Moving The Ocean is a smooth house track with funky synth patterns, silky pads and a pumping beat. Our bonus remix of Moving The Ocean is provided by Aerologic, who adds uplifting trance grooves and haunting echoes to the original female vocal sample, bringing in rippling arpeggios and a chunky lead synth riff to create a melodic ocean-esque vibe.

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