Sun Bae: ヘッドフォンアクター (Extended Version) by betobeats

Netlabel: Virtual Soundsystem RecordsVSS100
Released: 28 Jun 2020

From Guatemala with love. ♥

I'm beto, this is my new album. There is a song that is Hip Hop and another that is Drum & Bass in general is more Dance and Electronic, I was very excited to have released DISBOARD on my birthday in January and together with that project I was creating more songs and other things that will come later . Since I did not have the money to pay some artists like: @meyoco, @fresh_bobatae, @liacdraws, etc. It occurred to me to make remixes of some of his works, I could not find the original artists of some illustrations and then others I only downloaded from Google. Anyway, this is HEADPHONE ACTOR a remix of everything I like. Enjoy it.

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