Singles 2001-2010 by Aairria

Netlabel: 1485kHzkHz001
Released: 11 Nov 2019
Genres: Abstract Ambient IDM

The past does not only draw us back to the past. There are certain memories of the past that have strong steel springs and, when we who live in the present touch them, they are suddenly stretched taut and then they propel us into the future."
Yukio Mishima - "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion"

Ten years of one artist's private journey through electronic music.

Remastered edition of release kHz001.

This version is copyrighted. It is allowed however to be used in public broadcasts such as radio, videos such as on youtube and similar applications as long as: 1. full and proper credit is given, 2. work is not modified in any way other than cut for time, 3. author is notified of the usage, 4. author is contacted for permission before usage for commercial purposes takes place.

All music by Aairria.

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