Location: Germany

It is the music, music that you hear on streets, from basements, living rooms and pubs. When it attracts you just by being there. When musicians play their songs inspired by distinctive experimentation and authenticity.

We find it a great shame that such music is not accessible to more people. One reason for this shadowy existence can be the inclination of the musicians to lose themselves completely in their work. Another, perhaps the lack of the necessary equipment and ‘know how’. This is exactly where we want to support our musicians and provide them a platform. A platform on which we’d like to unite musicans who, while pursuing different styles, have one thing in common: the passion to live out their creativity.

It is hard to say what constitutes good music and for us it is not easy to adhere to the current genres of the music industry.
We appreciate music that recreates itself by mixing up these established genres or even creating its own.
We are a network of hacks, photographers, sound and web designers.
We want to connect art with art, let photographers and writers interpret music, let them develop moving pictures which can dance to the music. We want to be part of a movement which adores the freedom of music and maintains it…


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