Quantum Bit Netlabel

Genres: Electronic
Location: Italy

Quantum Bit is an advanced electronic and experimental audio/video italian netlabel founded in 2006 by Jaeck the Bit & Warxx with the intent to distribute digital works totally free using the ubiquity of the Web. The music and video are selected on the basis of quality, creativity, originality, conceptuality and research offering a window composed of many kinds related to electronic, regard to experimentation, the evolution of new technologies and the computer-art. The artists have no contract and constraints to the netlabel, retain ownership of their works and any other management or promotions. Quantum Bit expresses its conceptual thinking of contemporary art in the nine points of the Manifesto STUB and differs for printing promo cds and dvds in limited edition in a special "Vacuum Packaging", available through our virtual shop (the production of the supports vacuum package has been dedicated to an exclusive first 7 QuBIT and to some exceptions. It's currently suspended).

In 2012 Quantum Bit evolves limiting its release to 33x3 becoming an opera composed by works, an observer of a defined temporary period of history from which are extracted art forms free and independent.
Nobody will be the owner, but only a temporary observer and distributor.

All productions are protected by creative commons license ( / and downloaded from our catalog.


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