moods plateau

Location: Germany

What is mOOdS pLAtEAU?
mOOdS pLAtEAU, formely known as mOOdS, is a group (not a band) of international musicians and other artists, who try to express themselves in music, graphics, photos, movies, demos and that more. The group was founded as independent music label for tracker music first. This means music composed by special programms on computers called tracker. And this is what we still provide: music for all kinds of trackers not depending on the format (MOD, MED, DBM, MMD/OSS, ML, XM, IT, SID and so on).

But during the years more artists who were not only musicians joined our group and so we developed from a music label only to a multimedia art group by doing besides net tracks also hi-quality audioCDs, mp3s , movies, wilddemos, musicdisks, intros, webdesigns, photos and even diskmags. And those artists are doing all things just for fun, for the pleasure of the people listening, watching and enjoying their art. No commercialism. So if you are in need for a suitable music for your demo, diskmag, movie, promotion or for a photo for your magazine, cover or something else you find on these pages, the artists surely will help you out with this by working in mission for you. (For further conditions and information contact us.)

The name mOOdS pLAtEAU (and its grammalogue mdS) has neigher something to do with the famous fine tabacco cigarettes nor with the trashy CD compilation as seen on tv. mOOdS with the two "O" just means "more mods" or respectively "more modules", which is the technical name for a tracked piece of music. pLAtEAU is the french word for platform and that is what we still want to provide mainly: A platform for all styles of tracked music. Especially on Amiga.


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