Liminal Recs

Location: Russia

Liminal is an international net-label established in 2006 by Wialenove and x.iso.
Our mission is to unite outstanding independent artists from various countries and their music in the network of one project.

We do not have any “format” that is why so much genres are covered by our artists. The main point that music in our opinion should have something special in it. You can’t describe it in any words except for the term “liminal”. This feature helped our label to establish itself as one of the most interesting label known all over the world and it lest us not to lose this title for over 12 years now.

Various kinds of ambient, experimental, IDM, noise, downtempo, trip-hop, post-rock and many other genres were released here. At the beginning we started to release mostly electronic music but today when artists always try to do something new a lot of genres intersect that is why live instruments and vocals also appear in our releases.

Most of the releases are available for free download in mp3 format however you can support artists by purchasing the music in any format from the bandcamp if this option is available.

We are always looking for new great artists and we are also interested in cooperation with outer labels, various portals about music and promo-groups. If you have some ideas about our cooperation please send them to the

Enjoy the music.