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Socket Science — Pulver Stunts Cover Art

— Pulver Stunts

Released 12 February 2009 (All day) on Astor Bell / ASTOR002

About 'Pulver Stunts'

Debut album and collection of tracks recorded over a period of time. Summarizes a journey through different experiments and takes on electronic music. Melody patterns are looped and sometimes drowned in reverb, sometimes kept strictly sober resulting in passages of cosmic appearance mixed with minimal robot funk.

The steady beat is the lowest common denominator in this odyssey of 80:s electro pop, disco and techno influences. It is also what keeps your foot tapping. Pulver Stunts is not mainly dance floor material, but there's no need for sitting still in your living room.

This release also features an exclusive remix by Astor Bell's Bubble Shield, bringing his fresh sounds and chopped up vocals into the mix.

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