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— Relaxation

Released 19 February 2019 (All day) on Label Cuntroll / CUNTROLL129

About 'Relaxation'

Artist: KeepSleep
Album: Relaxation
Country: Russia, China
Style: Ambient, ASMR
Format: mp-3, 320 kbps
Label: Cuntroll
Catalog#: 129
Date: 2019
Time: 55:20 min
Size: 127 mb

Список композиций:
01 - Leaves and branches in the forest
02 - Ear eating
03 - Liquid
04 - Clean

Об альбоме:
KeepSleep is putting out its fourth one-hour album. It is composed of projects which have been launched some time ago. In this album, you will hear the sounds of rustling leaves accompanying a walk in the fall woods; female whispering; babbling water; and touching various things. At the background, you will hear light, soft and simple ambient tunes recorded on analog hardware.

The album represents a new genre which is a mixture of the aesthetics of the light ambient sounds and ASMR kinesthetic triggers. All the elements are recorded live via a 3D microphone. During the recording, various objects were being moved which allowed creating an immersive effect of being there.

The background sounds were recorded with the use of guitar effect pedals and a synthesizer. The mixing was made in Ableton.
We believe that this work is rather more interesting and rich than simple ASMR videos, which are abundant on YouTube, because the final result was also flavored with sound effects and purged of irregular noises.
KeepSleep’s releases always include four tracks. Listen to the project’s other albums for a more intense experience! The tunes will help you unwind and get rid of worries. And make sure to listen to them in your earphones!

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