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Blaine Redden — Thank you Cover Art

— Thank you

Released 21 June 2015 on MYRDAL SoundLAB / MYSL-11

About 'Thank you'

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Here we are, again in the middle of a story that has not ended yet. It’s really strange but funny how things happen to me, you see: A year ago I was on an airplane, traveling to Torreón because a promise, and now I’m traveling for the same reason on an airplane again. Also one of these strangest, funniest and cutest things, is this album, it just appeared casualty entitling a sentence I had been thinking every single day of the last year: Thank you.
I’m still waiting not to care about her, or not too much. But I really thank destiny for putted us together, maybe not in the right time (Twelve, 14/01/12) but in the right place. She knows.

If you (E.Z.) are reading this, just wanted to say: Thank you.
Thank you II, thank you twice.

So far yet so close, still.

“The songs collected on ‘Thank you’ were recorded using a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder, and some children’s keyboards over the course of a few days around Thanksgiving 2014 in the poorly heated basement bedroom of my mother’s house in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. These are private, insular songs, born while trying to process the idea of intrinsic self-worth. The image in my head of these sounds will always be one of implosion rather than expansion, an image of myself trying to grasp the idea that the world inside of me is even larger than the one I am in.”
—Blaine Redden



Blaine Redden

Album cover by: Héctor Ortiz |

℗ 2015 MYRDAL SoundLAB
© 2015 Blaine Redden

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