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Various Artists — The Winner's Journey Cover Art

— The Winner's Journey

Released 23 December 2014 on MYRDAL / MYCP004

About 'The Winner's Journey'

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MYRDAL, VICE | Noisey and Código CDMX present:
18 artists from 7 countries. A compilation featuring best of international music, made in México.
La diferencia entre una victoria y una masacre es el bando al que perteneces. Welcome to The Winner's Journey.

Why do Reggeaton or Rock must be different? It has no sense. Music is just music, music has many languages, and that's the cutest thing in this world.

We depend of you, of media, of every single person who likes and supports our job.

Yes, we're the new music industry, We support, transform and maintain it.

To transcend never give up. DREAM BIG.

"Can we do this? While the rest of the world stay clueless, they'll catch on later. Hit the door close button on the elevator. Going up now! So spittin' everybody say whats up! now. The view from the top is awesome, you should come up here more often. Ain't no losers up here, we lost 'em."

— Tabi Bonney ♛


Tunacola (Chile) |
Sahara Inn (Chile) |
Kaoz Party (México) |
Nitoniko (Spain) |
Los Wálters (Puerto Rico) |
María Magdalena (Chile) |
Globos de aire (Colombia) |
Un planeta (Argentina) |
Dromedarios Mágicos (México) |
Yorka (Chile) |
MKRNI (Chile) |
Jav Jav Jav (Chile) |
Android Amaker (USA) |
La voz de los planetas (Chile) |
Glasmus (México) |
Zaira Jabnell (México) |
Chiosan (México) |
Survey Team (Chile) |

This album is dedicated to Tabi Bonney.

Design by: Vestron Vulture |
Painting: 'The death of Major Peirson', by John Singleton Copley.

We are grateful to VICE, Noisey, Código CDMX, KLI Records, Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, BEAST DISCOS, Sudamerican Records, Futuro de la Economía, Gatoruso, Dice Discos, Sindicato Alternativo, Qongo Records, Brave Coast, Green UFOs, every single media and YOU.

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