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Various Artists — Arise Cover Art

— Arise

Released 5 June 2014 on MYRDAL / MYCP003

About 'Arise'

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We're fucking proud to show you our third compilation cuz it was really hard to choose every single artist featured on this album.
Our mission started months ago and it had been difficult as fuck, even to order the tracklist (most difficult issue) but all of the songs are jewels itself.

On this album you'll find artists under "pop as fuck" and some other in the vein of "alternative-i-don't-know-how-to-categorize-this-music", but all of them have something in common: they're pretty talented, indeed.
Cool musicians merging everywhere, even from the most unknown cities in Earth you probably didn't listen about before.

Stop pretending to be an artist and become one. ARISE.

"A la mierda la tormenta, seguiré caminando. No hay lugar para flaquezas, paso alante y la cabeza alta, alta, muy muy alta."

— MaderaCore ♛


MaderaCore (Spain) |
Along Norway (México) |
Trostrigo (Argentina) |
Beta Lion (USA) |
Dear Alice (Spain) |
Fármacos (Chile) |
El GiL (México) |
Ocre (Spain) |
Red Jesus (Chile) |
Outdry (México) |
Moonetz (Colombia) |
White Rainbow (México) |
Brigitte Laverne (Spain) |
Vestron Vulture (México) |
Anímic (Spain) |
Agatha Thirsty (México) |

2014 design by: Héctor Ortiz |
2014 photos by: Héctor Ortiz @ Torreón, México

2016 design by: Héctor Ortiz |
2016 photo by: Guido Andrija Perić |

℗ 2014 MYRDAL
© 2014 All rights reserved
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We are grateful to BCore Disc from Barcelona, Spain for all the facilities; also to all promoters, record labels, media and every single person who made this possible. Love you all.

Every single song belongs to their respective owners.
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© Photography is property of Guido Andrija Perić.
We don't own any rights.

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