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Federico Dal Pozzo — Untitled_PaHaD Cover Art

— Untitled_PaHaD

Released 7 October 2018 (All day) on eg0cide productions / eg0_190

About 'Untitled_PaHaD'
Federico Dal Pozzo is an Italian sound artist , electroacoustic composer and musician. His works are based upon concrete objects and the transfiguration and perception of the sound and audio- spatialization . He works with Max/Msp. He does compositions for dance and theatre companies , audio-Installations and concerts.
Today we are proud to publish his latest piece Untitled_PaHaD , a mysterious and subtly progressive composition, where where liquid textures swirl like a delicate swarm of otherwordly voices. In this new work, once again Dal Pozzo's use of digital tools is very fluid and organic, completely at the service of a higly personal musical vision.

Music my Federico Dal Pozzo
Photo by Marco Cianci
Thanx to Lorenzo Abbatoir, Giada Piraccini, Marco Cianci

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