Daniel Robert Lahey — After Un-Rethinking Things Again Cover Art

— After Un-Rethinking Things Again

Released 12 September 2017 on CerebralAudio Netlabel / CACL0005

About 'After Un-Rethinking Things Again'

Daniel Robert Lahey's latest takes the listener into his inner thoughts, and reflection on the creative process.

Daniel Robert Lahey is not an impulsive composer. He takes a lot of time working throuhg his pieces, developing them a little bit at a time. This kind of process is prone to rigorous mental processes by which he works on an idea only to realize it didn't lead where to a good conclusion. So, it becomes a game of re-thinking his ideas through multiple times.

On After Un-Rethinking Things Again Daniel documents several works that developed over a longer period of time. Pieces that were more difficult in composition, but more rewarding in their results.

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