Post Apocalyptic Zombie — A Catastrophic Calamity Cover Art

— A Catastrophic Calamity

Released 16 February 2017 (All day) on / RW29

About 'A Catastrophic Calamity'

This project is where it all began many years ago when I was a young idjit who didn't know a darn thing about music production! I had a hard time developing and describing my sound and the themes I wanted to explore. Now there is still a lot I don't know but I'm proud to say I think have found my own style!

This project was revived late 2015 with an EP on ENDE Records followed by a full length the following year on ENDE Records. This seventh full length album shows a greater improvement in sound design.

The horror synths were put to rest on this album. This is another concept album that explores explosion sound effects and a noisy hardcore bass drum plugin. Explosions were used heavily as kicks. The concept is that something bad in society unravels, an evacuation occurs, and war ensues with lots of land mines. The title track is the brutal culmination of this and the tracks after that are about the aftermath.

The theme is war and catastrophes involving the materials of modern society such as buildings, glass and metal. I was inspired a bit by the wars in the middle east. The sound in general is 'industrial and 'brutal dance' taking inspiration from techno with a few attempts at rhythmic noise; most obviously on the title track.

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