Peak Oil Hypothesis — Fracked All To Hell Cover Art

— Fracked All To Hell

Released 2 June 2016 (All day) on / RW11

About 'Fracked All To Hell'

This was the funnest album for me to make so far and a great follow up to 'Our Refugee Water World' in my opinion. It represents the culminated sound that I have been trying to hone in on since I started making music/noise back in 2008. That sound is a fusion of glitch, noise and ominous choirs and atonal synth work within a techno framework and an industrial percussion and atmospheric foundation. BPM = 120-128.

This was also a bit of a concept album. I tried to draw a comparison to rape with the song titles as the oil fields are discovered and pillaged then abandoned once dry; much like a victim of rape is ravished.

Without giving too much away I tried to illustrate the song titles with the sounds of each song. Fracking All Over The Place has many different beat sequences intertwined within eachother 'all over the place', All Dried Up has synth generated wind throughout. Left With A Deep Recession has 2 references: To the 'recession' left in the earth after the fracking is over and to the economic 'recession' left from financial impact. It is the sound of everything falling apart.

Bonus download includes alternate cover and track list wallpaper.

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