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Cousin Silas — Memories Of A Journey Cover Art

— Memories Of A Journey

Released 13 July 2016 on batenim netlabel / BN_LP018_07_16

About 'Memories Of A Journey'

Netlabel Day is an initiative by the Chilean netlabel M.I.S.T. Records. On July 14th, every single netlabel all over the world is invited to join in this special event. batenim netlabel will join this second edition 2016 presenting a new digital album by a great artist and it's proud to be represented in the event by Cousin Silas with his new work "Memories Of A Journey", six enchanting and magical songs about feelings and moods for a hypothetical real or imaginary journey. Cousin Silas, once again, confirms his infinite talent and his ability to capture the attention and take us towards rare beauty sound journey...ticket for the journey not to be missed!

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