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— Into The Rift: Volume One

Released 14 July 2016 on CerebralAudio Netlabel / CAAN0001

About 'Into The Rift: Volume One'

Netlabel Day Release: Into The Rift

CerebralAudio is proud to present it's first ever Netlabel Day Release: Into The Rift: Volume One!

Several months ago we put out a call to the netlabel community for submissions for a new compilation. And, we were stunned by the number of people and group that chose to support this effort. Initially, we hoped to create a solid, single-disc length release (about an hour in length). However, this release grew and grew until it became a three disc (3.5 hours) length release. By then end of the submissions thirty artists form around the world submitted works for Into The Rift: Volume One, and have made it into a diverse and eclectic listening experience.

About Into The Rift: Volume One

The initial concept was to allow artists to explore areas of their work that they hadn't explored before... And quite a few did just that. In the process the release itself has become an exploration of relating different styles of music to each other. It became an exercise in taking experimental, classical, ambient, Berlin School electronic, rock, and techno / house music and other styles, and seeing how they could play off each other. This diversity makes for a unique and interesting listening experience.

Track Listing
Disc One

  1. Delicate Aparatus - Cybernetic Therapy
  2. Scott Snee - Contemplative Machine
  3. Cousin Silas - Of Times Past
  4. Daniel Robert Lahey - Largo and Allegretto
  5. Michael Brückner - Cracked Egg Mystification
  6. Glenn Sogge - Looking For Wittgenstein In All The Wrong Places
  7. Tim Kays - Through Eleanor's Eyes (Remix 2016)

Disc Two

  1. Artifical Memory Trace - JAJO (Parallel Mix 2)
  2. Ayoze Garcia - Sounds From A Waste Ground
  3. Scott Lawlor - The Space Between The Thoughts
  4. Dr. Linda O'Keeffe - Hybridsoundscape 2
  5. Gurdonark - Deeper Vanity
  6. Ian Haygreen - The Harsh Reality
  7. Stephen Briggs - Vibe for the Sky
  8. Mystified - Mountain Spirits Ghosts of Plain
  9. Berthelot - Shoggoths
  10. In Vitro - Eskhaton

Disc Three

  1. SoundChaser - This Is A Recording
  2. Sobrio - Thank You, The Wind
  3. Projekt Luty - Brudny Sen Boga Olch
  4. Rotten Lily - Komma Koma
  5. Martin Neuhold - Héli e Yôyo
  6. Jaime Munarriz - Szilob
  7. Infectious Descendant - Relic
  8. Playman54 - Morthius
  9. Cyprian Alexzander - Not Rain Head
  10. Di Bois - Sguardi Trafitti
  11. Delicasession - Sequential
  12. Erich Schall - Wash Out
  13. Karl Muller - ...And In The End

Reviews on Various Artists — Into The Rift: Volume One

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I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you EMENSLY for making it possible for Infectious Descendant to have been added to this endeavour I'm honered and blessed to be a part of this release to all the other artists involved thank you. Anyone feel free to contact me directly at
Lot's of love Infectious Descendant.

Infectuous Descendant (not verified)
14 July 2016, 02:07

Thank you for submitting your work for this release. I was proud of you, and all artists, that submitted there works. It was an honor to put it together.

14 July 2016, 03:07

If you have any other projects in the future please keep me in mind I'm always looking to contribute, music is my gift I give to the world.

Infectuous Descendant (not verified)
14 July 2016, 05:07