Enformig — Downtown Charm Cover Art

— Downtown Charm

Released 10 November 2014 (All day) on Energostatic Records / stasis025

About 'Downtown Charm'

Dear Friends and Listeners,

Autumn is here once again and hazy days are conquering the horizon. You run through your everyday routine, barely noticing the silent beauty that is somewhere there. And downtowns are breathing the same pace as you are, so just take a minute to see their perfect urban charm.

We would like to introduce you the new member of our big music family, just like I said earlier, Enformig — truly genuine artist, probably the best Ukrainian live techno producer from Kharkiv.
All tracks were performed live and recorded on spot!

STASIS025 “Enformig – Downtown Charm”
Written, produced and mastered by Enformig (2014)

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