Infirm Individual — Neo Tokyo Cover Art

— Neo Tokyo

Released 12 April 2015 on Pxl-Bot / PB090

About 'Neo Tokyo'


This is the story of Ögrehead, a young goblinoid cyberpunk who lives in the
techno-slums of the giant earth-metropolis Neo Tokyo.
The year 2046 is ruff. Greedy Mega-Corps control mankind and many aspects of modern life.
There's a conspiracy going on and Ögre is a major part of the resistance.
Hacking servers of the global banking cooperation gives him the chance to earn
a decent amount of space-bux - He donates most to the poor folks of the ghetto.
A modern Robin Hood - with cyclopean computer-spex and a nasty laser blaster.
However ... this is not a tale about crime, but rather inner motions and deep desire ...

01. Metropol Medley
02. The Astrodome (feat. Mhyst)
03. Cold Neon Lights (feat. Sireone)
04. Hoverboard Blvd
05. Afterlife
06. Infinity.exe (feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen)
07. Cyberpunks Never Die

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