Crossworlds — Ivana Kupala Night Cover Art

— Ivana Kupala Night

Released 14 November 2014 on Southern City‘s Lab / SCL150

About 'Ivana Kupala Night'

Crossworld — генезис симбиоза абстрактного IDM/downtempo King Imagine и восточнославянского пения вокалистки Ирины Скрыпниковой, а так же корневой культуры украинского народа.
Перекресток на котором шумы пост-индустриального мира при помощи старых заговоров кошачьей колыбельной начинают формироваться в ночной лес, перенося слушателя в далёкую тьму прошедших веков.
Туда где, происходит таинство обрядов языческого праздника восточных славян — Ивана Купала. Туда где, девушки плетут венки, поют речные русалки и цветет папоротник.

«The same convictions inform a brand-new enterprise from Kiev, called Crossworlds. Its genesis is in the homespun project known as King Imagine, i.e., in Alexey Mikryukov and the same city. Last year he began working with vocalist Irina Skrypnikova. Together they decided "to express our Ukrainian roots in some occasionally abstract electronic forms. That's why we've included songs about mermaids, Kupala Night, and - in fact - the whole recording has a certain [traditional] structure. There's a lullaby to start with, followed by an evocation of the moments between sleep and waking."
Various dream motifs ensue, as listeners are gradually returned to the real world. The closing track is tellingly entitled "The Dream Is Gone." Sooner or later, fantasies will acquiesce to dull actuality. The album's title plays directly upon that aforementioned Ivan Kupala festival, which traditionally falls in late June - very close to the summer solstice. Couples are invited to leap, hand in hand, over small bonfires in order to prove their commitment to one another. If they fail, then so will their relationship.»
David MacFadyen «FAR FROM MOSCOW»

Recorded & Mixed between June2013 - February2014
In Soundtrack Studio Kyiv
Cover Art by Alexandra Solodchuk
Skrypochka — vocal, lyrics
King imagine — music


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