Walter Fini — Machinery Cover Art

— Machinery

Released 4 January 2015 on Nostress Netlabel / NN_LP057_01_15

About 'Machinery'

Machineries..what are them? We are! We human beings, now trapped in the network, and addicted absorbed by the consumption of each type of technology; is now an absolute growth tool ?! Indispensable ?! Maybe ...? However, we use it and abuse it every day in the daily, minute by minute, automatically and often unconscious. In short, we are more machines than we perceive. So Walter Fini, italian artist, expert alchemy sound of other worlds and other places reappears after a respectable debut on the third digital anniversary compilation with a new musical journey and imagination in a future probably not far away, where the symbiosis of man and machine will still more rooted in the human being. A world which at first seems inviting, full of special effects and magic, a world full of colors and attractions. A kind of amusement park technology where everything seems possible and safe, where wellness and serenity are the daily bread. But ... here's the but ... we are still human, and always will be, made to make mistakes and ask questions, and also capable of many other things more or less beautiful. We have the "free will" and the ability / inability to try and provoke emotions which machines have not (yet). Behind every beautiful facade, emotions are always more or less the same for all human beings (for now). Even brighter future and hopefully the shadow or human footprint will be behind the scenes, and always ready to seek the leadership at all costs. The new album "Machinery" contains 12 "stories" where the protagonists are "Human Machine" lived with their load of emotions. The music is cold and synthetic electronic sounds are produced and executed by a computer that still has a soul among the numbers, Walter Fini's soul in symbiosis with the machine! This is the intention: to propose a musical journey to transport the listener into a future / present, populated by human machines that breathe, dream, create and destroy, live and die. Music for images, music to imagine music to see what you feel.

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