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— Freedom of choice

Released 31 July 2014 on LibreCommeLair / LCL41

About 'Freedom of choice'

[LCL41] Mastermind XS : Freedom of choice
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) august 2014
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

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01. Far from here
02. In your face
03. Change
04. Hey politician
05. Drifting
06. Killed by history
07. Empty head
08. Run away
09. The lost smile
10. Barbarian empire dub


::: ENGLISH :::
Music is not a destination but a way of travel.
Our first release, the instrumental-ep „one dub many roots“, saw bass & melody finding their rhythm in dub & reggae. our next stop, the album „reset all systems“, our dub delivered a solid foundation with plenty of space for some new friends: drum&bass, electro, funk & some heavy guitars.
Since it is important for us to explore the possibilities of our sound, we unconsciously but inevitably went on a journey to expand the boundaries of dub.Our new album „freedom of choice“ oscillates between danceable and meditative, powerful and calm, groovy tunes and heavy sounds while always keeping an eye or two on the foundation of rhythm, melody and bass, bass, bass in different forms.
freedom of choice - we are living in a framed freedom, in a cage, smaller or bigger... you are able to choose inside this frame, but what kind of choice is that?
One of our aims is to oversize our piece of freedom and giving people new and different sounds with our music, which might provide some good basics for new and different thoughts.

::: FRANCAIS :::
La musique n'est pas une destination mais un moyen de voyager.
Notre première sortie, le maxi instrumental „one dub many roots“, a vu la basse et les mélodies trouver leur rythme dans le dub et le reggae. Lors de notre arrêt suivant, l'album „reset all systems“, notre dub a offert une large place à de nouveaux amis : drum&bass, electro, funk & quelques guitares bien grasses.
Etant donné qu'il est important pour nous d'explorer toutes les possibilités de notre son, nous en sommes venu inconsciement et inévitablement à un nouveau voyage pour ouvrir notre horizon. Notre nouvel album "Freedom of choice" oscille entre le dancefloor et la méditation, la puissance et l'apaisement, des morceaux groovy et lourds tout en gardant un oeil (ou les deux) sur les fondations : le rythme, les mélodies, et les basses, les basses, encore les basses, sous différentes formes.
Freedom of choice, nous jouissons d'une libertée cloisonnée, dans un espace plus ou moins vaste... nous avons la possibilité d'opérer des choix dans la limite de cet espace, mais quel genre de choix est-ce là ?
L'un de nos buts est d'agrandir notre espace de liberté et d'offrir à l'auditoire des sons nouveaux et différents à travers notre musique qui peut constituer de bonnes bases pour de nouvelles et différentes pensées.

/ / / CREDITS / / /

Composed, mixed & dub-ed by Mastermind XS
Mastering : Celt Islam
Cover artwork : mastermind xs & pkay

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Mastermind xs is a two-friends-project (daniel stephan & heiko petry) from saarbrücken (germany).
some years ago they started "mastermind xs", creating tune after tune rooting deep into dub, reggae, electro, drum´n´bass, indie, punk and many other influences. As a result their music is based on a foundation of dub & heavy bass with conscious lyrics. their sound unites different styles which hardly fits into one single genre and is always exploring new spaces.

Mastermind xs are working with ableton live and different instruments, adding sitar, melodica and everything they are able to play with, to form a unique ear-candy-mixture of groovy tunes.

Daniel: guitar, bass, sitar, thin whistle, keyboard, programming, melodica
Heiko: vocals, lyrics, melodica, keyboard

live-performances can vary from a 2-man-setup up to a full band with several additional live-musicians.
for booking write to:

2010 saw their first release, the instrumental-ep „one dub many roots“, on the french netlabel
libre comme l´air :

in ocotober 2011 their first long-player "reset all sytems" was released on angeldustrecords and can be downloaded for free from:

2012 to 2014 mastermind xs have been busy recording and producing their new record „freedom of choice“, which was mastered by celt islam and will again be released in 2014 on libre comme l´air. during this period several tracks appeared on different compilations and podcasts.

collaborations and remixes are always welcome!

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