M3t4rt — After A Better Tomorrow EP Cover Art

— After A Better Tomorrow EP

Released 11 June 2014 on Mobius Spin / mbsspn001

About 'After A Better Tomorrow EP'

After A Better Tomorrow EP:

The first single of M3t4rt's upcoming album is called After A Better Tomorrow. M3t4rt took the current affairs in the Ukraine to create awareness of the potential danger that could arise if the issue is not resolved in a timely and human manner. This single is based on repetitive guitar riffs which are drowned in a sea of noise, which reflect the notion that history repeats itself. This is further deepened by the fact that there are limited variations, which reflects the grand scheme of repeating occurrences within time.
The EP will also feature remixes of the song by a hand selected "crew" consisting of netlabel owner 3dtorus and EFC members apostrophic, Belly Full Of Stars, Slowraiders and special guest And All That Were Left Were Monsters."

On Bandcamp: http://mobiusspin.bandcamp.com/releases

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