KRISTIAN FUMEI — Digital Dubs Cover Art

— Digital Dubs

Released 1 February 2014 on Ephedrina Netlabel / EPH084

About 'Digital Dubs'

Ephedrina is back,
2014 Febbraio,
i battenti son di nuovo aperti!!!!
It was called dub,
a sensuous mosaic cooked from vast libraries of digitalized pop;
it was worship, and a sense of community.

Kristian Fumei is a Italian Dub artist
who got involved in music production in 2004
after being inspired by William Gibson
as he describes the Dub music
that is played in the Rasta enclave of Zion
in his novel "Neuromancer"
(a sensuous mosaic cooked from vast libraries of digitalized pop),
as a former member of State of Bass, Dub Kartel,
Dubstep Guerrilla and Kryptik Noise
he released several Dubstep tunes since 2008,
but the love for Jamaican music culture lead him to incorporate more and more Reggae influences in his music
and during the years he developed a sound
that is a mix of Reggae, Dub and Electronic music,
resulting in a futuristic Dub
which from his point of view
is the type of bass-heavy rocksteady music described
as worship and a sense of community in the novel.

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01_Babylon Burner
02_Digitalizer Dub
04_Natural Plastic
06_So lovely
07_U Ready
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