Nazario Di Liberto — Stasi Cover Art

— Stasi

Released 3 November 2013 on Nostress Netlabel / NN_LP045_11_13

About 'Stasi'

"Stasi" is a path to a mountain. Indeed before it's a descent, and after an ascent. Something is been encrypted in reverse in each track. Just going up again the mountain, listening back to the songs in reverse it will be able to decrypt the whole, real message. The real lenght of the album is about 30 minutes, extended to 60 minutes with all following tracks in reverse included. Only one track will be remain the same in the full path. In "Stasi" the sicilian roots of Nazario Di Liberto raise his voice in a simil-arabic vocal path like all those street markets selling merchandise "abbanniando" (shouting); where under bright lights, fresh fish and bloody meats expose themself to the eyes of the people nearby. "Stasi" is the result of an external observer who imagines improbable fog on warm and wet markets in Palermo

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