Vate — 060303 Cover Art

— 060303

Released 14 October 2013 on Vate / VV01

About '060303'

Original live set recorded march 6th 2003, remastered an edited in studio in 2005

“060303 was recorded live in 2003 and then studio-edited. While much of Volk sound like a searching, 060303 comes forth as a fully formulated work. Norteno influences are much more evidenced in these tracks and the beat is geared more for partying. “Marimba” is a good example as it prances throught the speakers in a festive celebration. Each track flows into the next track as small sound environments are created and evolved. The energy is quite high on this session and stays there. My favorite tracks are a exotic heart-pounder titled “Kukita” and a very funny combo of manic electro-beats and over-stimulated adults called “Porno Pixels”. If 600303 is representative of the techno nightclub scene south of the border, it may be time to take a road trip!”
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