McGuffin Electric — Brightelephant Cover Art

— Brightelephant

Released 12 May 2013 (All day) on Acustronica / AT038

About 'Brightelephant'

“Brightelephant” is a collection of sinking, memories, human bodies, battleships and battlekisses. And elephants, of course. Each of the 7 pieces in it is as abstract as it is concrete. Old-fashioned sounds for modern, turmoil, times. Halting, skeletal and serious-less chamber music for irrational listeners.

Matteo Fiorini: acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo, percussions, lapsteel guitar.
Domenico Peluchetti: acoustic bass, bouzuki.
Erica Polini: violin
Captured “goodthefirst” mixed and mastered by Piero Villa, at Rumore Bianco, Esine (BS) – Italy during February 2013.

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