Szubrawy Kot — Sun & Some Funerals Cover Art

— Sun & Some Funerals

Released 24 April 2013 on NoEcho Records / NE

About 'Sun & Some Funerals'

New album from Mateusz Wysocki`s hip-hop
incarnation Szubrawy Kot.

"Amongst the tracks you can find traces of first urban
inspirations, labels on the bottle of Russian champagne
and failed attempts on first good kickflip.
Sun & Some Funerals leaves classic sampling
for the better of very popular recently play with
synthetic sounds"

1. above sunshine bakery
2. dance, my asymptote
3. funeral
4. little particles sex

written, recorded and mastered by Mateusz Wysocki

cover photo by Tomasz Łaptaszyński

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