ZandoZ Corp. — Babalon's Reign Cover Art

— Babalon's Reign

Released 24 September 2012 on Chase Records / chase052

About 'Babalon's Reign'

ZandoZ Corp.‘s music is dark and Industrial, definitely. ZandoZ Corp.’s music is Breakcore too. ZandoZ Corp.’s music is Ambient as well. But ZandoZ Corp.’s music can also be Speedcore, Techno, Rhythmic Noise or IDM. Well, in fact, ZandoZ Cop.’s music is quite difficult to categorize because we can hear so many influences in his works. With the 7 tracks composing this Babalon’s Reign Ep, you can expect some incredibly rich songs, exploring a wide range of electronic beats, always surrounded by throbbing melodies and nice atmosphere arrangements giving the whole EP a unique signature. Just give it a try, and you’ll see what I mean, for sure!

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