Teknoaidi — Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat Cover Art

— Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat

Released 12 September 2012 on Chase Records / chase051

About 'Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat'

Teknoaidi is a Zutsuu side project. This Finnish Hardcore artist drew his inspiration and influences from the Sami culture (native people of Lapland territories in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia) and its history to make this EP. These tribes are heavily marked by their practice of shamanism. With this 5 tracks Ep, Teknoaidi wanted to mix these tribal and shamanic vibes with raw Hardcore / Speedcore beats, reminding the drums of the shamans and leading to a really original result. This 5 tracks are full of energy, able to shake every Hardcore floors with their uptempo beats while keeping a lovely dark and nearly obsessive atmosphere. Let’s call it Shamancore!

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