Various Artists — Zoo-The Animal Hop Remixes Cover Art

— Zoo-The Animal Hop Remixes

Released 1 May 2010 on wombnet / wombnet07

About 'Zoo-The Animal Hop Remixes'

The long awaited Animal Hop remixes collection. Listen With Sarah's indie hit of 2004 remixed by some very individualistic artists. In 2005 Sarah was invited by Rough Trade to contribute Animal Hop to their annual "Counter Culture" cd, on condition that all samples were used with permission. That proved difficult. Read the whole story at

Dishpig-Track 17
Casio Headbutt-Animal Hop REMIX
Codex Machine-CM's Ghetto Menagerie
Cowcube-animal hop remix
Vernon LeNoir-Hannibal Mop
Ergo Phizmiz-Animal Parade
Ffranconstein-Micxs Od
Ffranconstein-Micxs Safonol
Naing Naing-Organic Orgasm Remix
Pappy-Animal Hop REMIX
Same Actor-Involuntary Purr
LWS-Animal Gallop

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