Ryan Hardy — Heavy Mandolin Cover Art

— Heavy Mandolin

Released 6 October 2011 on wombnet / wombnet10

About 'Heavy Mandolin'

I think Ryan Hardy is a good example of the intensely hybrid nature of today's sounds. (Of course, music has always been a mix of roots, and it's only really a matter of degree.) I can hear Howard Devoto, Noel Coward, Ivor Cutler, John Shuttleworth, Robert Wyatt, Tim Blake, Syd Barrett, Lesley Sarony, Steve Howe, Captain Sensible, Neil Innes, John Otway...

Reinforced Concrete Monsters is a punk classic, that reached no.28 in the Dandelion Radio Festive 50 (2010). Surely the old man at the beeb would have loved it. Ryan's music is gloriously crazy. I'm proud to support art that is fundamentally joyous and celebratory of life.

I asked a few people what they thought about Heavy Mandolin. This is what they said:

Charlie Lewis of WFMU Radio said "I'm so glad he picked up that mandolin. I really admire someone who can be so uninhibited and unabashedly loony and honest and so creative all at once. Usually only children can manage that, but without the skills".

Rob Da Bank of BBC Radio1 said "Ah, now here's something fresh and a bit weird. Never quite sure where this one's gonna end up but some fantastic songs and ideas here."

Neil Jenkins of Dandelion Radio said "what Pseudo Nippon would sound like if he was from Birmingham and was brought up eating bacon butties".

Marcel Hermans of Transformed Dreams label said "dyslactic glomreck for the whole family".

Coseyhead of wombnet said "Howard Devoto on happy pills"

Listen With Sarah of nfa said "F*****g ace! I want to listen to it on a trampoline".

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