Snail Bob — Unshellfish Cover Art

— Unshellfish

Released 21 April 2012 on wombnet / wombnet12

About 'Unshellfish'

Snail Bob makes music in his own terms. One might call this 'noise' or 'deconstructed punk', but as is so often the case with individual music, which I define as "could only have been made by this person, at this time", I struggle to give labels to this sound art. Actually, on second thoughts, this is a blues album.

Considering how sparse and sometimes aggressive the music, this is a surprisingly melodic and soulful collection. From the strangled rage of the Waitsian opener 'Angry People' to the amorphous soundscapes of the second half, this album expresses a wide range of musical and emotional states. S'Bob names Pink Floyd and The Residents as primary influences. Sounds about right.

Snail Bob has been doing this since 2007, and has a few CDs available from CDBaby

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