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Jared C. Balogh — Silent Anticipation Cover Art

— Silent Anticipation

Released 1 June 2012 on wombnet / wombnet13

About 'Silent Anticipation'

'Silent Anticipation' is the new album from Jared C. Balogh, here, free to download as FLAC or 320kbps MP3. 5 tunes of sudden beauty, hinting more at Stravinsky than Coltrane, with the occasional nod to complex prog of the early 1970s. Natural sounds in impossible combinations. This is an unusual album, and if you know my podcast you'll know I don't say that lightly. It's sometimes lyrical and sometimes challenging, depending on the mood of the listener. Like all wombnet releases, this music could only have been made by this person, at this time.

Jared C. Balogh is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He formed this project in July 2010, applying a jazz ideology to a classical framework. This music is made entirely with software. Jared has releases on Surrism-Phonoethics, Enough Records, Classwar Karaoke, Headphonica, Happy Puppy Records, 45 Echoes Sounds, Sirona Records, Itsu-Jitsu, Taped Rug Productions and Blek Blekk and has collaborated with artists Lezet, Hal McGee, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Kawol, Igor Amokian, The Merricks, Sinus Buds, Charles Rice III and Dmah+++

He has several albums at the Free Music Archive here, and at his home page:

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