Tree Bosier — Anchoring Effect Cover Art

— Anchoring Effect

Released 31 August 2012 (All day) on Ultra Vague / uvr1206

About 'Anchoring Effect'

Tree Bosier is a one-man project of Max Anant’ev. Broken hip-hop rhythm in the basis and Downtempo, Ambient, Lo-Fi, trip-hop along with nu jazz on top, that’s the sound of it.

Anchoring Effect is a pretty interesting thing in pshychology. Sometimes you sit in your room or in the office or wondering through the forest, looking for mushrooms or just running down the street chasing a bus. There is a change of light, a smell of perfume or a music from some old TV show and everything is changing right away. You feel calm and nostalgic. I wish I could feel it more often in life, but it seems to me the only ones managed to control it are the capitalists trying to sell us things through TV commercials and billboards. - Max Anant’ev

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