Dust Collector — Narcolepsy Cover Art

— Narcolepsy

Released 22 May 2012 (All day) on Dystopiaq / dystopiaq030

About 'Narcolepsy'

Dust Collector is a difficult artist to pigeonhole into a single genre. This release is out of left field, and is for anyone interested interested in truly experimental music that transcends the rigidity of a label.

Artist: Dust Collector
Title: Narcolepsy
Release: dystopiaq030
Date: May 21, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Experimental
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=333

01 A Day Of The Life In (Standby Your Vanity, Elephantightest, Sandsintransit)
02 Bed Time Stories Part One (Living Room For The Dead)
03 Sleep Part One (Eight Melted Candles, Elevation Changes Eventually)
04 The Third Eye Patch (In Waves)
05 Better Dreams (Dripcastle Mansion, Handgrenade Serenade, Dreamzzz, Nostrilgia, Underature)
06 The Good The Bad And The (Chickering, The Gesture Part One, Humming To The Cemetery, A Gesture Part Two)
07 Nighterror (X Marks The Spots You See With, Relapse, November Seventh Two Thousand And Nine, Ten Heads On A Rusty Track)
08 415 (Disturbing The Piece Of Noise)
09 Bumpinthenight (The Candlemakers’ Son, Headquake, Second Time’s A Chasm, Tick Up My Sleeve, Rattlesnake Showdown, Rubble Rouser, After Pardon)
10 Bedtime Stories Part Two (The White Dog Like A Rose, Garden Guard In The Back Yard)
11 Sleep Part Two (The Sleep Address, Amnesia Dances, Yes Sir Little Sister, Old Pop Music, Uninhibited Letter With Hidden Intentions/Goodbye Feet)
12 Night Owl (The Swampthing Part Three…)
13 Lucid Change (…The Swampthing Part Three Continued/Cannons Indeed, Costume Balls)
14 Between The Sheetrock (Heartiac Bail, City With No Limits)
15 Nocturnal: A Mission (Hot Pursuit, The Young Prospector)
16 Waterlog (White Dog Fights, A Well Lighted Black Market)
17 Mourning Wood (Questioning My Sheen, The Moonshine’s Behind Us)
18 Drifting (Best Day Won)
19 Wonderlost/Wanderlost/Wonderlust (Day Dreams)

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